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“Tove Jansson was a universal genius”

August 12, 2014
Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson 1958.

Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson 1958.

Not so many have missed that Finish artist, author and illustrator Tove Jansson would have celebrated 100 years last Saturday, August 9th. Seven years younger than Astrid Lindgren, they both were considered to be two of the Swedish-speaking children’s literature’s biggest names.

Boel Westin, new Chairman of the ALMA jury, is internationally well known for her studies of Tove Jansson, and is fascinated by Tove Jansson’s aesthetic diversity:

– Tove Jansson was a universal genius with a sumptuous expression longing and she worked in a lot of different genres as a writer and artist, she told the ALMA blog a few weeks ago. In her works, there is both passion and emotion, politics and ideology, and through the Moomin world she has developed a philosophy and various attitudes to life. We can recognize ourselves and not the least our surroundings in the stories. They can interpret the world around us.

Tove Jansson in her studio.

Tove Jansson in her studio.

Tove Jansson died in June 2001 at age of 86, but her works is a great inspiration still today. In an interview for Swedish Television Boel Westin point out her feministic attitude:

– When I was going through her ​​letters I found out that she actually formulate feminist positions for herself during the 1940s. It’s about her role as a woman in relation to love and in relation with men.

– She wants to live independently and create art. Work was the most important thing, says Boel Westin.

The Tove Jansson 100 year’s celebration will go on during the entire 2014. More information on the anniversary web “Tove 100”, and for further reading the BBC’s Tove Jansson feature, made earlier this year and this article from the British Library.

The Moomins. ©Moomin Characters

The Moomins. ©Moomin Characters

Step into the book!

December 18, 2010

Tove Jansson’s timeless classic picture book The Book about Moomin, Mymble and little My was first published in 1952. In it, the reader is asked what happened next? and is invited to follow the Mymble and little My through the holes in the pages.

Now, fans of the book can literally climb though the holes of the book – in the exhibition at Kulturhuset in Stockholm (open until 29th of May). The exhibition coincides with the celebration of Moomin 65th birthday, which makes Moomin the same age as another Nordic children’s book superstar Pippi Longstocking.

Here are some pictures taken at the opening yesterday:

Kitty Crowther and announcement of nominated candidates

October 8, 2010

Yesterday at the Frankfurt Book Fair, this year’s Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award winner Kitty Crowther presented her work in conversation with Andreas Platthaus from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Judith Drews from Illustratoren Organisation.

The attentive audience at a Children’s Forum filled to the last seat, listened as Kitty Crowther spoke about her work, from Va faire un tour (1995) to Annie du lac (2009).

Kitty Crowther revealed that previous Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award-winner Maurice Sendak‘s book Where the wild things are was a source of inspiration when she made Va faire un tour. She also spoke of her love of the Moomins by Tove Jansson and how Inuit art inspired her while making the book La visite de petit mort.

After her presentation, Chairman of the jury Larry Lempert revealed the nominated candidates for the 2011 Award. 175 candidates from 62 different countries are represented on the list. The list of candidates was passed out to the audience, in which several candidates were present!

“I grew up with Astrid”

August 30, 2010

Today the Polar Music Prize will be awarded to Björk, the experimental musical genious from Iceland. In the Polar Music Talks proceeding the award ceremony, she repeatedly returned to the influence of Astrid Lindgren. She didn’t grow up with Disney. For her, the literary characters of Astrid Lindgren were far more important. “I have, just like Pippi Longstocking, problems with authority”, Björk admitted.

Björk also has a strong connection to another prolific children’s book author/illustrator: Tove Jansson. Björk recently spent a weekend on Tove Jansson’s island Klovharun and she’s the composer of the soundtrack to the forthcoming 3D-adventure: Moomins and the comet chase. You can watch the video to Comet Song here!

The Award Office says congratulations!