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Thursday’s Child in paperback

July 20, 2011

Congratulations all Sonya Hartnett fans in Sweden! The book Torsdagsbarn (Thursday’s Child) written by the 2008 ALMA recipient Sonya Hartnett, have been released in paperback in Sweden by Atrium Publishing House. The book is about the odd and poor family Flutes struggle to survive during the 1930s Depression, and is considered to be Sonya Hartnett’s international breakthrough.

Atrium also publish a Thursday’s Child reading guide (in Swedish), available here. Earlier, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award have published reading guides (also in Swedish) for Sonya Hartnett’s books Jag är djävulen (The Devil Latch) and Pojken i soffan (The Ghost’s Child), available here.

A book not to be missed!

August 31, 2010

To the delight of Sonya Hartnett’s fans in Sweden, Thursday’s Child has just been published in by Atrium Förlag.

This week the book is reviewed by Anna Ehn in UNT and she is overwhelmed by the book, saying it is a pure joy Thursday’s Child finally is available in Swedish translation. The translation is by Helena Ridelberg, a name Swedish Sonya Hartnett readers certainly will recognise!

Although Anna Ehn has been impressed by Sonya Hartnett before, she says Thursday’s Child  without a doubt is the best one she has read so far. Finally, she recommends everyone to place it high on this fall’s to-read-list.

Read the full review here.