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Teach all children fairy tales and Bible verses, says Philip Pullman

March 18, 2013


All children should be taught Bible verses and fairy tales, the author and 2005 ALMA recipient Philip Pullman has argued, as he said modern families are too distracted by television and the internet to tell their own stories.

In today’s Telegraph, journalist Hannah Furness reports from Philip Pullmans speech yesterday at the Oxford Literary Festival. Pullman read from his 2012 book of Grimm’s fairytales “for young and old” as he joked children should be exposed to stories, “the bloodthirstier the better”.

I think it’s very, very important that your children should know these stories,” he told the audience.

“Not all of them obviously, but the great ones, the famous ones.

“They should also know stories from the Bible and from Greek mythology.

“I think it’s important almost more than anything else – that’s what they need most of all.”

Pullman, who is perhaps most famous for his Dark Materials series, added he had previously recommended all trainee teachers learn a selection of stories to entertain their young students.

“They will never forget it and they will never forget these stories,” he said of pupils. “It is important; it really is vital.

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