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Meet Barbro Lindgren at Göteborg Book Fair September 25

September 10, 2014

Meet Barbro Lindgren at Göteborg Book Fair September 25

Barbro Lindgren will participate in the following program at the Göteborg Book Fair on Thursday September 25. The entire program is in Swedish.

10.30-10.50 Ung Scen, A-hallen
Conversation with author and jury member Mats Kempe.

11.00-11.30 Vi Läser, B06:59
Conversation with journalist and editor Yukiko Duke.

12.10-12.30 Dagens Nyheter, F01:39
Conversation with journalist Lotta Olsson.

13.30-13.55 Se människan, G-hallen plan 2
Conversation with journalist and producer Erika Hedenström.

14.15-14.25 Rabén & Sjögren, B05:22
Conversation with Moa Brunnberg, publisher at Rabén&Sjögren.

15.00-15.45 Seminar, K1
Conversation with literary scholar and jury member Maria Lassén-Seger.

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award also arranges the following seminars at Ung Scen stage, Hall A.

Friday September 26
16.00-16.20 How do we promote children’s apetite for reading?
Conversation between Reza Saleh, Colette van Luik, Berättarministeriet and Helen Sigeland, Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Saturday September 27
13.00-13.20 Meet Boel Westin, new chairperson of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Jury
A conversation between Professor Boel Westin and Lotta Brilioth Biörnstad, coordinator of Children’s Culture at the Swedish Arts Council.

You are most welcome to the exhibition of Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award at Göteborg Book Fair September 25-28, Ung scen, Hall A.

New worlds by young artists

December 19, 2013
Some of the works participating in the 2013 competition.

Some of the works participating in the 2013 competition.

En bok i världsklass (approx. A World Famous Book) is an annual competition where Stockholm school classes creates pieces that consists of picture and text, related to a book the class has read. The competition is a part of the reading promoting project Barn & böcker (Children & Books).

ALMA has the privilege to have one representative in the jury for En bok i världsklass. It is always joyful to take part of all the amazing creations, and always a very hard task to choose between them.

The theme for the 2014 competition is “New worlds”. All contributions will be exhibited at the Stockholm public libraries during the spring. And in May next year, during the ALMA award week, the winners are announced. Then we’ll see what kind of new worlds the young participants have chosen to explore.

Stockholm teachers can read more about the competition, and register to participate (before January 24!) here.

Barn & böcker is a co-operation between the Education Department of Stockholm City Council, Stockholm City Library, Skansen, and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

More examples of the student's works.

More examples of the student’s works.

Creative reading promotion activities for children by Tamer Institute

August 16, 2013
Photo: Tamer Institute

Photo: Tamer Institute

The Tamer Institute for Community Education received the ALMA in 2009 for their extraordinary reading promotion work under difficult circumstances. Situated in Ramallah, they work across the West Bank and Gaza Strip, primarily targeting children and young adults to encourage and deepen opportunities of learning among them.

This summer, several workshops for children were arranged. Program Coordinator Ruba Totha at the Tamer Institute:

The children’s library has received more than 60 children in a two months period to participate in a summer club ‘ Lets learn and Have Fun in Summer”. Three extended  workshop were organized:  Creative Writing, Animation of Children’s books, and Drawing were actively attended by the children whom have written about themselves as in the shoe of a turtle or a watermelon or a chair or even the wind. Others have animated their own bodies other their friends and prepared a drama sketch to bring their animations into life, while others have painted their own stories illustrations.

One of the children, a 9 years old Hannen wrote in her notebook (we translate): “When the man was travelling, he entered to the plane, scared. When the plane started swinging, he was very scared, but the plane from the inside was very comfortable and beautifully arranged. He enjoyed travelling and never told his friends how afraid he was’.

Link to Tamer Institute here.

Photo: Tamer Institute

Photo: Tamer Institute


Photo: Tamer Institute

Photo: Tamer Institute


Astrid Lindgren, children’s literature and reading promotion, a report from Tel Aviv

July 24, 2013

Elina Druker, researcher, critic and member of the ALMA jury, reports from a visit to film festival and a reading promotion project in Tel Aviv, Israel:

Astrid Lindgren’s works and especially her cooperation with photographer Anna Riwkin-Brick has received special attention at the children’s film festival Cinematheque in Tel Aviv, which is going on 18-24 July. This popular festival, organized for the ninth time, is this year focusing on films that have been adapted from children’s books. The Lindgren’s and Riwkin-Bricks’ books are treasured and have classic status in Israel and the books are still read today. In addition to film screenings, other events were organized surrounding these books, including the library Beit Ariela, which last Friday held a well-attended seminar with Palestinian researcher Abed El-Salam, author Tamar Verta and myself, and the Israeli researcher Hanna Livnat. Furthermore, a reading marathon for the younger audience was arranged under the theme of Astrid Lindgren’s Ronia the Robber’s daughter.

Hebrew editions of the book series for children in the world by photographer Anna Riwkin-Brick, used by Elina in her seminar: Elle-Kari, lyrics by Elly Jannes (immensly popular in Israel), Eva meets Noriko-San, lyrics by Astrid Lindgren and Eli in Israel by Lea Goldberg. Photo: Elina Druker

Hebrew editions of the book series for children in the world by photographer Anna Riwkin-Brick, used by Elina in her seminar: Elle-Kari, lyrics by Elly Jannes (immensly popular in Israel), Eva meets Noriko-San, lyrics by Astrid Lindgren and Eli in Israel by Lea Goldberg. Photo: Elina Druker

Other events at the festival were a panel discussion between documentary filmmaker Dvorit Shargal, journalist Kobi Meidan and myself. Shargal is working on a documentary about the children of Lindgren’s and Riwkin-Bricks’  books. In particular, the focus was Riwkin-Bricks and Elly Jannes iconic photo picture Elle-Kari came out in 1952. The auditorium was crowded, and a funny surprise was that the protagonists from the book Eli live in Israel (from 1964), aged five at the time when the book was written, appeared on stage – now almost fifty years later! Link to festival’s web here.

Eduardo Goldenstein. Photo: Elina Druker

Eduardo Goldenstein. Photo: Elina Druker

Among many films from different parts of the world, the Cinematheque also screened a preview of a film based on 2004 ALMA recipient Lygia Bojunga’s Corda Bamba (from 1979), which opens in the theatres in Brazil this fall under the auspices of the Brazilian Director Eduardo Goldenstein. The film, which is Goldenstein’s debut, is about a girl in a circus family trying to deal with a great sorrow. Goldenstein tells that he read the book for the first time when he was ten years old and describes his relation to Bojunga’s novels:

I was her reader as a kid and it turned out that I became a filmmaker as an adult. For me this film is a special homage to Lygia Bojunga’s work, so important to many generations of young Brazilians.

Link to trailer here.

Eyal Feder at the Garden Library in Tel Aviv and Elina.

Eyal Feder at the Garden Library in Tel Aviv and Elina.

Books as a human right

During my stay I also visited the Garden Library, a reading promotion organisation in the southern parts of Tel Aviv, which offers books for refugees, migrant workers and their children via a small outdoor library. The library was founded by ARTEAM, a socially engaged art collective, and is today run by volunteers. I met Eyal Feder from the Garden Library, who told me that the library currently contains 3,500 books in languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali and Hebrew. Every weekend families and children from Tel Aviv’s southern neighborhoods are gathering in Lewinsky Park to visit the library, and the organisation also arranges regular theater performances, reading and writing assistance and other activities. The library is formed by two open bookcases, which are supported by the walls of a public shelter located in the heart of the park. It has a simple roof, which provides shade and shelter. After sunset, the bookshelves are lighted up from behind, which allow reading and creates a meeting spot in the evenings. This small but remarkable library, surrounded by playing, reading and chatting children, is situated in the middle of a harsh environment but is, at the same time, a welcoming and truly inspiring meeting place for both adults and children. More about Garden Library here.

Elina Druker

The Arrival by 2011 ALMA recipient Shaun Tan. One of the 3500 books in the Garden Library. Photo: Elina Druker

The Arrival by 2011 ALMA recipient Shaun Tan. One of the 3500 books in the Garden Library. Photo: Elina Druker

Photo: Elina Druker

Photo: Elina Druker

Book AW with Elina Druker

April 26, 2013

DN 1

Book After Work is a series of inspiration nights for pedagogues in Stockholm, arranged by reading promoting project Barn&Böcker (Children&Books). Yesterday it was time for the Stockholm teachers to get an introduction to Isol’s artistry by Elina Druker, member of the ALMA jury.

Elina spoke about Isol as a young, brave artistic voice and showed examples of Isol’s humour, how she captures the absurdities of the adult world and uses the picturebook medium to deal with the grand, important matters of life.

Barn&Böcker is a collaboration between the Education Department of Stockholm City Council, Stockholm City Library, Skansen, and the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

DN 2

“I´m one of those boys who never grew up.”

February 15, 2013


Three members of the ALMA jury: Lennart Eng, Stefan Casta and Ulf Boëthius. Photo: Stefan Tell.

Three members of the ALMA jury: Lennart Eng, Stefan Casta and Ulf Boëthius. Photo: Stefan Tell.

ALMA jury member Stefan Casta is a highly productive author and one of Sweden’s most respected writer for children and young adults. No less than three of his books will be launched this spring, Stora mesboken (non-fiction book about birds, with illustrations by Staffan Ullström) was launched in January, and books soon to be published are Blåbärspatrullen och vampyren på vinden (Blueberry patrol and the vampyre in the attic, our trans., illustrations by Mimmi Tollerup) and Sofi’s expedition (illustrations by Bo Mossberg), a nature science book.

Tell us about your writing, how do you manage to be this productive?

I do not think of myself as a particularly productive writer. On the contrary, I think I work very slowly. Almost all my books are projects that have taken several years to produce. “Stora mesboken” for example, is a project that has taken me four years to write. For me, writing is about shifting between different genres. I write novels for young people, picture books and non-fiction. This means that I often have books in various stages, one  that is “resting” a little, one or two that are about to be published and one that is only at a conceptual stage. It’s fun and actually quite constructive to switch between such different projects. Perhaps it is this that makes me regarded as productive?

From where do you get inspiration?

What drives me to write is all the questions I still have. About life itself. About us as humans and all animals on this amazing planet. What will happen? I´m one of those boys who never grew up. I think that´s a gift, because it gives you a certain perspective. When you are little, you hold the whole universe in your hand. That´s the feeling I´m trying to maintain.

In your upcoming book (about the Blueberry patrol) one of the children’s father is hiding a refugee family. When the children discover this, they protect the family, by lying to the police among other things. What reactions have you received on the book?

I don´t think this should be exaggerated. The adventures of the Blueberry Patrol are often quite cozy and a little bit exciting. This is the seventh book, and here the children discover a hidden refugee family in an attic. Naturally, whey want to help to protect the family. I didn´t think that this would be controversial. Many refugees have been hidden in exactly this way. But I recently heard from my publisher that the Danish publisher, who usually prints the books about the Blueberry Patrol, found the topic too delicate and turned the book down. It made me very surprised.

Has your work within the ALMA jury added ideas to your work as a writer?

For me, reading and writing have always belonged together. I´ve had the privilege to work in a context where reading and conversations about books have been in focus. This mission within the ALMA jury is of course very special, as the nominees are from all around the world. Personally I think that it´s incredibly stimulating to take part of the work of reading promoters from other countries. And I am quite convinced that it makes me a better and more conscious as a writer.

Photo: Stefan Tell

Photo: Stefan Tell


Image: Opal Publishing House

Image: Opal Publishing House

Image: Opal Publishing House

Image: Opal Publishing House


A café for reading promoting

January 25, 2013
Image: Swedish Television

Image: Swedish Television

Café Pilgatan is not just any café. A quite small café with narrow premises, situated in Umeå in the northen parts of Sweden, what´s so special about this? Well, according to Swedish National Television, Sweden’s foremost writers are in fact queuing up to come to this small café. Because beside the ordinary café business, there are extensive reading promotion activities going on: visits by authors, social debates, café evenings, education , exhibitions, literary tours – often focusing on children’s and young adult literature. This year, the café turns five years and has got attention in the Swedish media. Annika Edlund, children’s librarian, reading promoter and member of the ALMA jury, is one of the initiators behind Pilgatan.

– We want this to be a living room for literature and  when people from here go to Stockholm or Gothenburg Book Fair and meet with writers and intellectuals, many of them already know about Pilgatan, says Annika Edlund to Swedish National Television.

Photo: Stefan Tell

Photo: Stefan Tell

The general idea when Café Pilgatan opened in 2007 was to be a book café for cultural meetings. As stated on their web:  “We need places that take people’s need for education and culture seriously, in a way that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed.”

(A curiosity about the café is that each and every chair is bought by an author, as a contribution to the work of the book café.)

Reading promotion in focus at the book fair in Guadalajara

November 30, 2012

Writer and jury member Mats Berggren on Wednesday gave a lecture on Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award and reading promotion. He described his job as a jury member and the procedure on how to select a recipient. Many listeners wanted information on how to become a nominating body and many were of course hoping for a Mexican recipient in the future.  The sum of the award impressed, but as Mats rightly said, one Swedish crown from each citizen is well spent money!

Mats Berggren also told the audience how he as a writer promotes reading by visiting schools and libraries and what in his opinion is characteristic to Swedish children’s literature.  Quite a few books by Swedish writers can be found at the fair, most of them published by Spanish publishing houses. More Mexican titles in Swedish would of course be of interest to all of us but that is question for the publishers.


Guadalajara International Book Fair coming up

October 29, 2012

Four weeks to go until the opening of the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) in Mexico on November 24. This is the most important publishing gathering in Ibero-America, and the second largest book fair in the world after the Frankfurt Book Fair. ALMA will participate as usual, and it is award Director Helen Sigeland’s first visit to Guadalajara:

–The Guadalajara International Book Fair is an important forum of us in our efforts to increase awareness of ALMA worldwide. We have very good experiences of our relationship with the book fair, and I am very much looking forward to making new contacts, sharing experiences and getting more knowledge on literature from this part of the world. And of course to experience the amazing book fair itself!

ALMA is also represented by Mats Berggren, author and member of the jury, who is invited to lecture on reading promotion and previous ALMA recipients.

The book fair is open between November 24 and December 2, and applies to both the general public and professionals. Last year, publishing houses from 43 countries exhibited at the fair and the number of visitors exceeded 659 000. More information here.

The FIL Press Conference announcing the 2012 program.Photo: Guadalajara Book Fair.

Opening day of Göteborg Book Fair

September 27, 2012

The first intense day of the Göteborg Book Fair offered a lot of interesting seminars and conversations, many of them in the limelight of reading promotion. Here´s a few highlights:

The Committee on Literature, appointed by the Swedish government last year, presented its final report. The purpose of the Committee’s work was to leave suggestions on how to strengthen the position of literature, and to propose what kind of efforts should be done by the government to meet the technical challenges of today.  A report of 600 pages was officially handed over to the Swedish Minister for Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth. The report is commented by the Director General of the Swedish Arts Council, Kennet Johansson, available in Swedish here.

The Swedish Reading Ambassador, Johan Unenge, opened the Swedish Arts Council’s stand program this morning. He gave his
opinions on how to engage reading for children and young adults.

Furthermore, Kennet Johansson, talked to Anna Ekström, director general of the Swedish National Agency for Education, about the importance of encouraging reading for children and youths. Much of the conversation dealt with the importance of school libraries. – The school library was extremely important in the village I grew up in, said Kennet Johansson. We were only allowed to borrow one book at a time during the weekends, but I managed to negotiate myself to three books instead.
The conversation was also about the need for libraries to co-operate with schools, as to the need to develop the skills of teachers and educators. Anna Ekström emphasized the importance of school libraries as a refuge for children who may have a hard time.

Paediatrician and former member of the ALMA jury, Lars H Gustafsson, talked to Kjell-Åke Hansson, managing director of Astrid Lindgren’s Näs, on the subject of children’s rights and Astrid Lindgren’s speech Never Violence! from 1978. Why was it really considered to be so provocative at the time? – With Never Violence! she made a connection between the violence at home and world peace, Lars H Gustafsson said. Every strike is a strike towards war.
Lars H and Kjell-Åke talked about Astrid Lindgren’s way of strengthen children’s self-esteem and to make them feel that they also have rights. – You can never underestimate her achievements, Lars H finished.

Finally, Larry Lempert, head of the International Library in Stockholm and chairman of the ALMA jury, was presented to the Greta Renborg award for his remarkable marketing efforts. You can´t really tell by looking at the image, but he was very happy!