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Make your own Mine

March 6, 2011

A crocheted Mine, the character from Kitty Crowther’s Poka & Mine books, appears on the wonderful blog: Chuculeta con ratón.

Reader’s of our blog will remember the award office’s homemade Désordrien, inspired by Kitty Crowther’s book Le grand désordre and crocheted by own co-worker Sara Hedenberg.

If you have made your own crocheted character from the world of Kitty Crowther, let us know!

Poka & Mine go to China!

January 27, 2011

We just received the news that the whole Poka & Mine-series is about to be published in China. Kitty Crowther’s insects have previously been translated into many languages, among them Dutch, Japanese, Swedish and Portuguese.

When speaking about Poka & Mine, Kitty Crowther often refers to her love of the Moomins. Just like the Moomins, Poka & Mine lack facial features such as mouths. This of course adds to the illustrator’s challange to express the characters emotions. If you look closely at the Poka & Mine books, you can see how Kitty Crowther uses her characters’ whole body and, perhaps especially, the pupil of their eyes, to convey how they are feeling.

A funny detail is that only the female insects have ears, the male do not. How shall it be interpreted? You decide!

The Chinese editions will be published by Beijing Zito Books and they are translated by Juan Wu.

Kitty Crowther in Guadalajara

November 30, 2010

At the moment, Kitty Crowther is in Guadalajara, invited by FIL, the largest spanish speaking book fair in the world, with over 600 000 visitors! A large part of Kitty Crowther’s first day at FIL was spent meeting the media. The interest in learning more about this year’s Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award winner is high! Here’s one interview already published on newspaper El Informador’s webpage.

Two Poka & Mine books, En el cine and El despertar have recently been translated into Spanish (published by Cuatro Azules) and since earlier Mi amigo Juan as well as Alors? and Scritch, Scratch dip clapote! (published by Corimbo) are available for the Spanish speaking children.

Kitty Crowther also had the honor of being the opening speaker of FILUSTRA, the book fair’s new forum for illustration. In front of an audience with many illustrators she spoke about being true to yourself as an illustrator, her inspiration and some of the themes she keeps returning to in her books.