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Public conversation with Mats Kempe

April 19, 2013

Here´s images from today´s acitivties at LitteraLund; a conversation with writer and ALMA jury member Mats Kempe about the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award and the effects of the award.



I’m very happy to be here in Lund, the festival gives me a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and to discuss common issues. And of cours I’m lookging forward to coming back in May for the award week. By then I hope to have books in Swedish and it will be very interesting for me to see the reaction from Swedish readers. It’s all very exiting!


Busy in Lund

April 19, 2013



On the second day of the literary festival LitteraLund Isol took part in a discussion with illustrators Judith Drews (Germany) and Benjamin Chaud (France). Differences, similarities and preferences concerning topics and colours were discussed. One thing they all agreed on is that humour is a very effective way to deal with serious topics. But can you joke about everything in childrens’s books? Yes almost. And a tabu in one country may not be necessarry cause any scandals among readers in another. More scandalous is pehaps editors and publishes attempt to change colours or formats … Changing techniques and formats is the same thing as changing the artist’s interpretation.


Isol in Sweden for LitteraLund

April 16, 2013
From Isol's workshop at LitteraLund today. Photo: LitteraLund

From Isol’s workshop at LitteraLund today. Photo: LitteraLund

She is here. In Sweden. But not to receive the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, but to participate in the Swedish literary festival LitteraLund, April 15-20. The first days of the festival, Isol leads a workshop for fourteen active Swedish illustrators and graphic designers together with Benjamin Chaud from France and Lilian Brøgger from Denmark. The project is a co-operation between LitteraLund and the Creative Plot in Lund, and the two day workshop will end with an exhibition of the student’s works.

– It feels amazing to have the privilege of having these talented illustrators gathered in one place to work together, says Debora Voges, director of the Creative Plot. It will be incredibly exciting to see the results!

During the following week, Isol will participate in three seminars on children’s and young adult literature: with Ulla Rhedin, researcher and member of the ALMA jury, with her international colleagues Benjamin Chaud (France) and Judith Drews (Germany) and with writer and jury member Mats Kempe and ward office director Helen Sigeland. On Friday, she will lead a workshop for eight-year-olds from the county of Lund.

Link to the entire program here.

LL isol 3

ALMA at LitteraLund

April 20, 2012

Photo: Stella Michelet

Lars H Gustafsson, author, senior children´s medical officer and member of the ALMA jury since many years, held a very appreciated lecture at the Swedish literature festival LitteraLund today.

The topic was of course this year’s award recipient, the Dutch author Guus Kuijer.

LitteraLund is a book festival for children and young people, which takes place every year. Have a look at this year’s program here.

Literary focus at LitteraLund and Astrid Lindgren’s Näs

October 28, 2011

It’s a treat to be in the south of Sweden this weekend. Today, the annual LitteraLund Festival for children and young people starts in Lund, this year as a Pre-Festival before the big event in April next year. A conference about children’s and young adult literature is on the agenda for today. One of the participants is Mika Larsson, who will talk about the work of one of the ALMA nominees for next year, the organisation All of Poland Reads to Kids Foundation. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, and Mika Larsson will describe a unique commitment that laid the foundation for a modern children’s culture in Poland. Tomorrow, LitteraLund’s arranging a public program for children at the Lund City Library.

Poster of a reading campaign made by All of Poland Reads to Kids

On Sunday, Astrid Lindgren’s Näs in Vimmerby (the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren) are celebrating the book with a program featuring Swedish authors such as Håkan Nesser, Marie Hermansson and Helena von Zweigbergk.

Meet Norwegian Nominees in Lund

October 14, 2010

Litteralund, the literary festival in the south of Sweden, has become a must-go-to-festival for everyone interested in children’s books in the Oresund region – much due to the staff’s fingerspitzgefühl when inviting authors and illustrators from all over the world. Notable names such as Lennart Hellsing, Lilian Brøgger, Aidan Chambers and Kitty Crowther have all been on the guest list in recent years.

Even if this year’s program regretfully isn’t as international as in previous years, the festival is surely worth a visit. For example, Stian Hole and Bjørn Sortland from Norway will be there. Both are nominated to the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2011 and Stian Hole just came back to Scandinavia after picking up the prestigious Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis in Frankfurt.

Also, the festival presents Stefan Casta‘s green line: an exhibition of illustrators that have illustrated texts by author and jury member Stefan Casta. The exhibition features artists such as Staffan Gnosspelius, Sara Lundberg och Anna Bengtsson and can be seen at the open-air museum Kulturen.

Litteralund takes place 25-30th of October.