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The world’s strongest girl celebrates her 70th birthday

February 20, 2015


We´re talking about Pippi Longstocking of course. The first book about the world’s strongest girl was published in November 1945, but as it was Astrid Lindgren’s daughter Karin who came up with the idea about Pippi, and received the Pippi manuscript on her birthday on May 21 from her mother, the Pippi celebrations will take place on that specific day.

– She is a 9-year-old child who is totally independent of all adults, because she is stronger than they, and do not need their money, says Karin Nyman in a press release from the Astrid Lindgren company Saltkråkan. It could have made her insufferably smug and contemptuous of others, but instead she became kind, generous and courageous.

Pippilotta Provisionia Gaberdina Dandeliona Ephraimsdaughter Longstocking can look back upon an eventful life. It´s actually a few things she hasn´t been through. She has made millions of children, and some adults, from all over the world laugh and maybe become a bit thrilled, while she has driven some pedagogues, debaters and professors crazy.

She has been transformed into eight feature films, two television series, two television films and at least 800 professional theatre productions. She has given rise to academic theses, has been appointed as the most important cultural case for the last 150 years, and gotten interpreted lengthwise and crosswise from every conceivable perspeictive. But, as Astrid Lindgren herself wrote in her memoirs, “As usual the children didn´t care about what the grownups said, they loved Pippi unreserved.”

The books about Pippi Longstocking have been translated into 70 languages and have sold approximately 60 million copies. Saltkråkan will celebrate the anniversary throughout the year with free materials to libraries, schools and daycare centers.

2011 ALMA Laureate Shaun Tan from Australia visited fairytale house Junibacken in Stockholm during the 2011 Award week. Photo: Stefan Tell

2011 ALMA Laureate Shaun Tan from Australia visited fairytale house Junibacken in Stockholm during the 2011 Award week. Photo: Stefan Tell

2010 ALMA Laureate Kitty Crowhter from Belgium. Photo: Stefan Tell

2010 ALMA Laureate Kitty Crowhter from Belgium. Photo: Stefan Tell

The original.

The original.

Astrid Lindgren’s daughter comments the War Diaries

November 6, 2014
Astrid and her daughter Karin. Photo: Saltkråkan

Astrid and her daughter Karin. Photo: Saltkråkan

Karin Nyman, born 1934, is excited about her mother’s wartime diaries being published next year:

– The diary and the newspaper clippings come from a troubled period in history, but they make a fascinating read! I´m happy that more people will get to read what Astrid wrote and experienced when she was 30 years old.

Over 70 facsimile photos of the diary pages, cut-outs from Swedish newspapers and many previously unpublished family photos from these years are included among with Astrid’s diary entries. The war diaries are being published just the way Astrid wrote them:

Sept. 1939

Oh! War broke out today. Nobody could believe it.

Yesterday afternoon, Elsa Gullander and I were in Vasa Park with the children running and playing around us and we sat there giving Hitler a nice, cosy telling off and agreed that there definitely wasn’t going to be a war – and now today! The Germans bombarded several Polish cities early this morning and are forging their way into Poland from all directions. I have managed to restrain myself from any hoarding until now, but today I laid in a little cocoa, a little tea, a small amount of soap and a few other things.

   There’s a terrible despondency weighing on everything and everyone. The radio churns out news reports all day long. Lots of our men liable for military service are being called up. A ban has been imposed on private motoring. God help our poor planet in the grip of this madness!

7 May 1945

It’s VE Day! The war’s over! The war’s over! THE WAR’S OVER!

At 2.41 p.m. (I think), the capitulation was signed in a little red schoolhouse in Reims / … / by which all German forces in the whole of Europe surrendered. Norway is free now, too. At this very moment, a wild sense of jubilation is spreading across Stockholm. Kungsgatan is ankle deep in layers of paper and everyone’s behaving as if they’ve gone crazy. We sang the Norwegian national anthem at work after the radio broadcast at 3 o’ clock. Sture isn’t in for dinner this evening, but he sent home a bottle of sherry so we could celebrate the peace. Just at the moment they’re playing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ on the radio. I’ve been drinking sherry with Linnea and Lars and feel a bit light-headed. It’s spring and the sun is shining on this blessed day and the war is over. I wouldn’t want to be German. Just think, the war’s over, Hitler’s dead (there are jubilant shouts and cheers on the radio now; Stockholm has completely taken leave of its senses).

 Salikon Publishing House has provided us with the extracts from the book (translation by Sarah Death).

Astrid Lindgren’s wartime diaries will be published in May next year.

Nominees and cake in Frankfurt

October 12, 2012

ALMA, together with the Frankfurt Book Fair, was the host on Thursday of a programme where the list of nominated candidates for the 2013 award was made public. The programme started at 4 pm with a welcome address by Gabi Rauch-Kneer, Vice President of the Frankfurt Book Fair, followed by a discussion of the nomination process and of the work of 2012 recipient Guus Kuijer. Moderator Felicitas von Lovenberg, of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, led a discussion between Larry Lempert, Chairman of the jury, and ALMA Director Helen Sigeland. The conversation focused on what criteria makes a candidate stand out and how the jury comes to a decision about which candidate or candidates should receive the award each year.

Helen Sigeland talking about the exhibition in Bologna marking the 10 year anniversary of ALMA.

Helen Sigeland talked of ALMA celebrating its 10 year anniversary, and the announcement of Guus Kuijer as the 2012 award recipient in March of this year. She also showed a slide of Guus Kuijer visiting Sweden at the end of May to participate in the award week. Larry Lempert then announced that there are 207 candidates from 67 countries nominated for the 2013 award, which is more than ever before. The number of nominating bodies participating in the nomination process has also increased since last year.

The programme concluded with Karin Nyman, daughter of Astrid Lindgren, being invited to the stage to participate in a conversation with Larry Lempert on the democratic values of Astrid Lindgren, focusing on the newly published Never violence! (Salikon), Astrid Lindgren’s speech when receiving the Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels in 1978.

Helen Sigeland, Larry Lempert, Karin Nyman and Felicitas von Lovenberg in conversation.

After the programme a reception followed  celebrating the 10 year anniversary of ALMA, the 10 year anniversary of the Illustratoren Organisation (IO) and the 30 anniversary of Eselsohr.  Marking this event each organisation was presented with a beautiful birthday cake, picture of the ALMA cake below.

(… and if anyone´s wondering – yes, the cake tasted quite good, there were lots and lots of berries inside.)

There simply must be a cake if you´re celebrating a 10 year anniversary. Photo: Lisa Lundgren.

Congratulations Moni Nilsson!

November 15, 2010
The author Moni Nilsson received the Astrid Lindgren Prize today!
Moni Nilsson is one of Sweden’s most prolific writers and a true champion of children’s culture. Her many books for young readers, especially the five books about Tsatsiki, have found fans not only in Sweden, but around the world. Semlan och Gordon – Kärlek, Kyssar och Rekord (Natur & Kultur) is her latest book.
The jury’s citation reads:  … Many young people have become readers through her compelling stories and unforgettable gallery of characters such as Tsatsiki, Salmiak, Morsan, Spock, Selma, Oella and Herm.

The Astrid Lindgren Prize (not to be confused with the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award) is awarded yearly by publisher Rabén & Sjögren to a Swedish writer on the birthday of Astrid Lindgren. The Prize was instituted on Astrid Lindgren’s 60th birthday, which makes today’s ceremony the 42nd. The award total is 50 000 SEK and the jury consists of Karin Nyman, Marianne Eriksson, Gunilla Halkjaer Olofsson and Ann Sköld Nilsson.
Moni Nilsson was very happy to receive the prize, as can be seen below!