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Pullman reads Chekhov

December 13, 2010

The Guardian presents a new podcast series appropriately called Twelve Tales for Christmas. Each day, until Christmas, a writer reads and discusses his/her favorite short story. Featured writers include Julian Barnes (reads Hemingway), Helen Dunmore (reads O’Connor) and Jeanette Winterson (reads Calvino). Opening the series is the 2005 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award winner Philip Pullman, who reads Anton Chekhov’s story The Beauties.

About the story, Philip Pullman says: Chekhov’s genius lies in the way he manages to convey with such apparent effortlessness a profound sense of the mystery of beauty, and of the sadness of those who observe and think. The narrator of this apparently inconsequential tale fixes on exactly the right details, from a myriad of possible ones, to strike at the heart. It’s a masterpiece of minimalism.

Find the podcast series here and enjoy a new story every day until christmas!