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Children put Pullman on the spot

March 6, 2011

Curated and designed by a panel of 100 dedicated children from all over the world, the brand new Guardian children’s book site will be very interesting to follow. Children can read reviews, participate in discussions, competitions, ask questions to their favorite authors and much more.

To celebrate the launch of the site, Philip Pullman, the 2005 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award recipient, answered fans questions about daemons, writing and life in general. For example Luke, 13, asks: Why do you think it is so important that young people read? To which Philip Pullman answers:

For the same reason that I think it’s important that they breathe, eat, drink, sleep, run about, fool around, and have people who love and look after them. It’s part of what makes us fully human. Some people manage to get through life without reading; but I know that if I’d had to do that, an enormous part of my mind, or my soul if you like, would be missing. No one should be without the chance to let their soul grow.

Read the full interview here.