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Christine Nöstlinger’s autobiography coming soon

August 9, 2013

Austrian writer Christine Nöstlinger has written over a hundred books for children of all ages, and in 2003 she received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. She originally intended to be an artist and has also illustrated some of her own books. Besides her prolific work as a writer, she has also worked as a journalist. Two of her well-known books are Maikäfer, flieg! (Fly Away Home), 1973, and Zwei Wochen im Mai, 1981, describing nine-year-old Christel’s experiences in Vienna during the last year of World War II, are autobiographical. In October another autobiographical piece will be released – her memoires Glück ist was für Augenblicke (Happiness is a Moment), published by Residenz Verlag, who gives the following description of the story

…surviving the war in bomb shelters as a child; starting her first confession with a lie; learning about human nature on her kick scooter; loosing a borrowed bra during dance classes and holding her ground in a group of men as an art student. The great author of children’s and young adult literature, journalist, poet and writer tells us about marriages, daughters and affairs. We learn about her success, angry attacks by teachers and ludicrous political correctness sheriffs. She also questions the importance of aging gracefully.

The co-writer is Austrian journalist Doris Priesching. Jessica Beer, editor of the book and program manager of the fiction program at Residenz Verlag:

– As Christine is much too busy with all her books and other projects to write her memories by herself, we suggested her to have a co-worker – a well-known Austrian journalist – who would interview Christine for many many hours about her life. Doris would ask questions and Christine would talk. Then, Doris made transcripts of her tapes and brought some chronological order into the material. This served as a kind of “raw material” for Christine who then worked on the final text. That this text in the end turned out to be completely hers and went far beyond what was talked about, is Christine’s gift as a writer.

The idea of producing the book came from the publishing house.

–It was our idea – Christine is much too modest to think of her life as interesting, says Jessica Beer. We had to persuade her that in fact it is very interesting for a lot of people… But then, she enjoyed telling it.

Cover of the upcoming Glück ist was für Augenblicke, Residenz Verlag.

Cover of the upcoming Glück ist was für Augenblicke, Residenz Verlag.

Good Dragon and Bad Dragon

December 18, 2012


2003 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award recipient Christine Nöstlinger has recently launched book Good Dragon and Bad Dragon, with illustrations by Jens Rassmus. Her publishing house Residenz Verlag describe the book as “a truly refreshing story on being courageous and encouraging others, unique in its wisdom and funny as only Christine Nöstlinger’s stories can be”. The story revolves around young Florian, who´s got two dragons, a good one and a bad one;

And only he can see them and no one else! Together, the three of them are invincible. Good Dragon and Bad Dragon are always there for Florian. But when they are about to leave for their vacation, Florian is really surprised: They are afraid of the sea! Fortunately, Florian’s mum has an idea: They need dragon floaties! But where to get them? Online, of course! And then, all set up with invisible floaties and a lot of fun, Florian encourages his dragons to try something new…

Nöstlinger received the Corine Prize

November 21, 2011

Last week the 2003 ALMA recipient, Austrian author Christine Nöstlinger, was awarded the Corine International Book Award for her life’s work. The prize is awarded for outstanding works of fiction and poetry as well as for excellent non-fiction books, and is given for lifelong achievement in writing. The award was presented to the winners during a glamorous gala in Munich on November 17th, and will be broadcast by 3sat on November 22nd. It has received much attention in the media.

Christine Nöstlinger, who celebrated her 75th birthday on October 13th, is one of Austria’s most important authors of children’s fiction. Nöstlinger and Maurice Sendak were the first recipients of the ALMA, back in 2003.

Christine Nöstlinger receives the 2003 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award from H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria. Photo: Stefan Tell.

Tonight, another important Award Ceremony is coming up – the Swedish August Prize Gala. We´ll be back with the details later on…

Congratulations David Almond and Jutta Bauer!

September 12, 2010

Saturday night the HC Andersen Awards were presented to the author David Almond and illustrator Jutta Bauer at the 32nd IBBY Congress in Santiago de Compostela. Congratulations!

The Hans Christian Andersen Medal:

Both are internationally respected artists and have frequently been nominated to the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

David Almond held an inspiring acceptance speech, which hopefully will be published on IBBY’s webpage in due course. Do look for it! The English author of several excellent books for teenagers, such as Skellig and Jackdaw summer, spoke optimistically of the future of children’s literature and described the children’s book world as the “hotbed of literary experimentation”.

Jutta Bauer from Hamburg, Germany, made a personal illustrated presentation of how the parts became the whole, giving tribute to fellow illustrators, mentors, colleagues, family and editors. As a major source of inspiration she mentioned Tove Jansson. She especially thanked authors who trusted her to illustrate their books. One of them is of course the 2003 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award winner Christine Nöstlinger for whom Jutta Bauer illustrated several books such as Der Hund kommt and Wir pfeifen auf den Gurkenkönig. Jutta Bauer’s own picture books, such as Selma, Queen of colors and Opas Engel, just to mention a few, are available in many languages and all of them are just as enjoyable for adults as for children!