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Stavanger calling!

January 17, 2011

Under the artistic leadership of Ine Marit Torsvik Bertelsen, the biannual children’s literature conference in Stavanger is dubbed Maktens Pluttifikasjon and aims to raise questions of power, transition and social class in the world of children’s literature.

The conference program features researchers, authors, illustrators and promoters of reading, mostly from Scandivia, but also from other parts of the world.

Highlights in the program include:

  • This year’s Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award winner Kitty Crowther will present her work with special focus on her latest book Le petit homme et Dieu.
  • Professor Maria Nikolajeva, former member of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award jury, will speak under the title Knowledge is power.
  • Author Stefan Casta, member of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award jury, will speak about The powerlessness of the Author.
  • Researcher Lena Kåreland will speak about the Different disguises of power in Swedish young adult literature.
  • Illustrators Svein Nyhus (Norway) and Carll Cneut (Belgium), both nominated to the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, will present their work.

The conference will aslo feature interesting debates, one of which will cover how Norwegian children’s literature is received and reviewed in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In this debate the translator Gabriele Haefs, who held a very inspirational acceptance speach as she received the Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis 2009, will participate.

Maktens Pluttifikasjon takes place 7-9 February. Here’s where you sign up!

Storytelling jukebox!

October 31, 2010

It’s a bit difficult to describe Le Wolf in Brussels. Is it a library? A book store? A café? A children’s art center? A gallery? I guess the truth is that it’s all of the above, in an unique combination. Founded by Muriel Limbosch and Anne Jenssen, Le Wolf is a meeting place for book-loving children and adults alike.

The centerpiece in Le Wolf is the unique story telling jukebox, pictured below. Before you enter the small house, you select the picture book you want to enjoy on the screen outside. Then you climb inside to experience the story!

The selection of books in the jukebox is excellent and features (in several different languages):

La visite de Petite Mort by Kitty Crowther

Monstre, ne me mange pas by Carl Norac and Carll Cneut (nominated to the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award)

Le petit soldat qui cherchait la guerre by Mario Ramos

Dans la poussette de Lisette by Catharina Valckx (nominated to the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award)

Lundi by Anne Herbauts

La nuit du visiteur by Benoit Jacques

The Award Office selected La visite de Petite Mort by Kitty Crowther (surprise!), climbed inside and enjoyed the book, read by the author herself.

The storytelling jukebox is an excellent way to enjoy picture books together with a group of friends or classmates. We would love to see more jukeboxes in libraries; or why not in larger bookstores?