Contact the Award Office

Collaborations / Meetings?
Contact Director Helen Sigeland at helen.sigeland (at)

Media / Webb?
Contact Communications Officer Mariella Kucer at mariella.kucer (at)

Nominating bodies/ Nominated candidate?
Contact Desk officer Lisa Haglund at lisa.haglund (at)

2 Responses to “Contact the Award Office”

  1. Ms NILANJANA SANYAL (mobility-restricted) Says:

    My book ‘Peace Loving Nations'(though not quite children’s literature) is entirely dedicated to children and the peace process.As Gandhi once famously remarked:”If we are to reach real peace in this world…we must begin with children.And if they will grow up in their natural innocence…”

    This book is a piece of non-fiction dreaming of an egalitarian global order and a classless society where child poverty consortiums are the need of the day.


    Ms Nilanjana Sanyal
    (‘Women Writing,Lives Changing’Certificate holder from Catherine College,OHIO)


  2. Vera Cinara Rodrigues Says:

    Peço traduçăo do texto sobre crianças

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