Contact the Award Office

Collaborations / Meetings?
Contact Director Helen Sigeland at helen.sigeland (at)

Media / Webb?
Contact Communications Officer Mariella Kucer at mariella.kucer (at)

Nominating bodies/ Nominated candidate?
Contact Desk officer Lisa Haglund at lisa.haglund (at)

4 Responses to “Contact the Award Office”

  1. Ms NILANJANA SANYAL (mobility-restricted) Says:

    My book ‘Peace Loving Nations'(though not quite children’s literature) is entirely dedicated to children and the peace process.As Gandhi once famously remarked:”If we are to reach real peace in this world…we must begin with children.And if they will grow up in their natural innocence…”

    This book is a piece of non-fiction dreaming of an egalitarian global order and a classless society where child poverty consortiums are the need of the day.


    Ms Nilanjana Sanyal
    (‘Women Writing,Lives Changing’Certificate holder from Catherine College,OHIO)


  2. Vera Cinara Rodrigues Says:

    Peço traduçăo do texto sobre crianças

  3. Jane Su-Ming LAI Says:

    I’ve written, illustrated and self published my children’s inspiring book called MEGASOARUS about a Central Australian Wedgetail Eagle which overcomes bullying and harassment to find its true purpose and destiny..
    It flies from Alice Springs to Uluru to find its mentor Uncle Bob Randall, who teaches it the KANYINI.. principles of Unconditional Love for all living things..
    Megasoarus becomes the Messenger to spread the message to Indigenous communities and the World.
    How do I submit my book for the award please??

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