Treated like a real literary superstar at Hjulsta Elementary School

On Tuesday morning it was time for Wolf Erlbruch to visit Hjulsta Elementary School and meet all the enthusiastic and curious students and teachers there. We had a great time!

First he met a group of seventh graders who had read his “Duck, Death and the Tulip” and made their own interpretations of the book in drawing lessons. The had also prepared questions.

– Why did you want to write a book about death? one of the students asked.

– I wanted to show death as something kind, not just a scary murderer which is the way we often think of it. This particular death that you meet in the book is nice to talk to and answers questions as well, Wolf Erlbruch said.

– But really, why do you think so much about death? Because I don’t! a thirteen-year-old girl said.

Wolf just smiled and said:
– At my age, you tend to do so. And I don’t really think it is such a bad thing to think about death every now and then, to get used to the idea. Small children think about it very often and have many questions.

Time to move on; some 150 primary school children where waiting in the the school gymnasium and we were invited to watch some wonderful ALMA inspired entertainment. They cheered and applauded as Wolf Erlbruch entered! A group of third graders performed their own, fantastic dance piece to the song “Du käre lille snickerbo” from Astrid Lindgren’s famous “Emil of Lönneberga”.

Wolf Erlbruch also shared his thoughts with the children and among other things, he told them that he finds the father character very interesting. Take a closer look at the pictures, are you able to find the father of Emil?

– What do you think about Astrid Lindgren? wondered one of the children.
– I just love her! Wolf quickly replied.

To get a feeling of what it was like to be in Hjulsta, have a look at the beautiful pictures taken by photographer Stefan Tell.




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