Meg Rosoff in international media

Meg Rosoff became a literary superstar after receiving the Astrid Lindgren memorial award. Below you find some of the international articles and interviews with Meg.

Alma media coverage

The diary of Meg Rosoff in Sweden – in pictures (The Guardian)

After winning the world’s largest cash prize for children’s literature, the Astrid Lindgren memorial award, Meg Rosoff has become a literary superstar in Sweden. Here is her account of her whirlwind tour of a country which takes its children’s books seriously:

Meg Rosoff condemns the UK government’s “assault on childhood” – article in the Guardian

Accepting the Astrid Lindgren award last night, Meg Rosoff attacked overwhelming stress on exams over Culture. She condemned the government’s “assault on childhood”, saying that teaching and learning have become “joyless” in the UK. Read the full article in the Guardian.

The public talk at Kulturhuset in Stockholm between Meg Rosoff and jury member Maria Lassén-Seger (UR Play):

Radio interview with Jenny Aschenbrenner in SR Kulturpodden, (SR P1 Kulturpodd)

“I’m always looking at the edges where things start to break down, the line between being sane and being insane. I don’t believe that life has nice even edges, and it’s those funny areas that I’m interested in.”

TV interview for Babel (Babel SVT 2)

During the award week in Stockholm Meg Rosoff came on a flying visit to record the last show of literary TV show Babel for the season. The host for Babel, Jessika Gedin, interviewed Meg, the writer Nuruddin Farah, originally from Somalia, now living in Cape Town, and the rap artist Silvana Imam.

Radio interview with the laureate shortly after the announcement in SR Kulturpodden, (SR P1 Kulturpodd)

Illustration of Meg’s speech

The illustrator Chris Riddell made a beautiful interpretation of Meg Rosoff’s acceptance speech on his blog.

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