Public talk at Kulturhuset

Last night Meg Rosoff was invited to Kulturhuset in Stockholm, the Stockholm house of culture and city theatre, for a public award lecture. The jury member Maria Lassén-Seger interviewed Meg and their conversation included a variety of interesting topics related to Meg’s writing and children’s literature in general. Among the themes discussed were the role that animals, humour and elements of magic realism play in her stories, and the drift of ages within the characters in her books.

Kulturhuset webb

Meg and Maria Lassén-Seger. Photo: Stefan Tell


Meg also reflected upon the fact that it took her quite a long time to find out that she actually was an author and wrote her debut novel “How I live now”.

“I was convinced I couldn’t do it. There were no manuscripts in the wardrobe because I thought that if I can’t do it really well, I won’t do it. And that was quite a depressing thought.”

Meg also talked about the way she writes and that she doesn’t know herself how the story is going to end when she initiate a new project. Often it starts with just one line and then she sees where that line will take her.

“I think that writing comes from a very deep place, from the unconscious. I imagine it to be a great big dark place from which you sometimes can cross a bridge to the conscious mind. Writers spend a big part of their lives in that dark place and get more and more used to crossing that bridge”.

The award lecture will be broadcasted by the Swedish TV channel Kunskapskanalen on Monday 31st of May at 3.30 pm.

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