Stockholm gets a new annual Astrid Lindgren tradition!

Open-air museum Skansen and Astrid Lindgren have proven an unbeatable combination. Skansen is Sweden’s most popular tourist attraction and Astrid Lindgren the most loved Swedish author, both nationally and internationally. After the past three year’s joint event, the parties have now agreed to enter into a long-term collaborative venture, introducing a new annual Stockholm tradition.

The year’s event will be held at Skansen 21-22 May, from 10am to 5pm. The daily activities will include Pippi performances by Astrid Lindgren’s World Theatre Ensemble, sing-alongs with Prussiluskan and Kling and Klang, the ”Don´t touch the ground” game, carving of little wooden figures (á la Emil in Lönneberga), games from the olden times, market, quiz walk, a Ronja the Robber’s Daughter nature trail, and lots and lots of other things. Organizers are Skansen, Astrid Lindgren’s World, Rabén & Sjögren and Saltkråkan.

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