A Surrealist Vision – Shaun Tan exhibition opening in London today

It´s called A Surrealist Vision, the major solo exhibition opening today at Illustration Cupboard. It consists of thirty original artworks from the Bird King, Rules of Summer, Tales from Outer Suburbia and The Lost thing made by 2011 ALMA Laureate Shaun Tan.

Shaun Tan has illustrated more than 20 books, notable among them The Rabbits (1998), The Lost Thing (2000), The Red Tree (2001), The Arrival (2006) and Tales from Outer Suburbia (2008). He sees every book as an experiment in visual and verbal storytelling, and uses a variety of means of artistic expression: lead pencil, Indian ink, coloured pencil, painting and various print techniques.

Shaun Tan has received a number of literary awards, including the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 2009 for Tales from Outer Suburbia and a New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books award in 2007 for The Arrival and won the Oscar in 2011 for best animated short film for The Lost Thing, based on his book of the same title.

The exhibition at the Illustration Cupboard durates from today until June 18. All artwork is for sale, Shaun Tan’s signed catalogue and poster (pre-order) are available to purchase in the gallery. Link to Illustration Cupboard here.


Shaun Tan in Stockholm during the 2011 award week. Photo: Stefan Tell

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