New book illustrated by Kitty Crowther


Cover of Het lied van de tijd by Jan Toorop, illustrated by Kitty Crowhter. Leopold 2016

Kitty Crowther collaborates with Jan Toorop in the new children’s book Het lied van de tijd which just have been published by Dutch publishing house Leopold. Here´s Kitty’s own words about the collaboration (published on our blog on January 7):

I am doing a book. Once a year, a museum in The Hague and the publisher Leopold publish a book about an artist. Not to explain the life of the artist, but just to catch a side of them that the author/illustrator sees. They’ve asked me to work on Jan Toorop.

I only knew one of his paintings. He was born in Java, Indonesia, and he left the island with his family to travel to Holland at the age of 11. He become a painter – most famous for his symbolist period. In fact, the more I learn about him the more I like him.

It’s a great challenging work; I have to be close to him but not ‘be him’ of course.

More information about the book (in Dutch) here.


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