Nominate to the 2017 award


Today the nomination process to the 2017 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award opens. All countries of the world are welcome to submit nominations, and to take the opportunity to present their children’s and young adult literature and their reading promotion activities.

To make its annual selection of interesting and innovative laureates whose works or activities are of the highest quality, the ALMA jury requires knowledge and information from all parts of the world. Nominating bodies with wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge of children’s and young adult literature or reading promotion activities at national or international level are therefore invited to nominate two candidates from their own country and two from other countries. The nominating bodies include international, national and regional organizations, children’s book institutes, organisations representing writers and illustrators, children’s sections and children’s literature centres at national libraries, research institutions, and NGOs.

Only nominating bodies approved by the jury have the right to nominate candidates. To you want to see the list of nominators in our country? Have a look here.

Each nominating body is allowed to nominate a maximum of four candidates: two candidates from the nominating body’s own country and two candidates from a different country.

The final day for submitting nominations is May 16, 2016.

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