Visit to Hjulsta Elementary School

Yesterday the award office visited Hjulsta Elementary School (grundskola), where the students have been working with the texts and illustrations of previous ALMA laureates for the entire semester. After the announcement of this year’s laureate in March, they’ve also been learning more about South Africa and about the work of PRAESA.

The students have been reading and discussing books by many of the laureates, and by Astrid Lindgren herself, and based on these reflections they’ve been creating their own works inspired by the books they’ve been Reading.

Today the student’s works were on display at the school, marking the end of their project for this semester. It was an absolute pleasure to see the buzzing activity and the creativity put into the project, and here are a few examples:
Lisa 1 Lisa 2 Lisa 3 Lisa 4

Teacher Ulrika Lindmarker and librarian Cilla Dalén.

Teacher Ulrika Lindmarker and librarian Cilla Dalén.

"PRAESA will visit us!" Text about PRAESA's visit during the Award week.

“PRAESA will visit us!” Text about PRAESA’s visit during the Award week.

Some of their work is already documented on the web site Världens ALMA (the World’s ALMA), and can be seen here: http://vä

Since PRAESA will be visiting Hjulsta grundskola during the award week, they will soon be able to see for themselves how the classes have been working to learn about their organisation.

One Response to “Visit to Hjulsta Elementary School”

  1. carolebloch Says:

    We from PRAESA are looking forward to meeting everyone!

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