Celebrate World Book Day with Nalíbali

nali 3
Every year on 23 April, South Africa celebrates World Book Day. Today Nal’ibali, PRAESA´s large-scale national reading promotion program, is launching a special children’s literacy rights poster to assert and affirm for children what they need to become inspired and competent readers and writers. Carole Bloch, Director of PRAESA says:

– Many organisations and communities across South Africa are aware of the fundamental challenge we all face in bringing joy and meaning to print in South African languages to all our children – including the very youngest. At Nal’ibali, we believe all children can grow up to be powerful readers and writers and we hope to further empower them with this guide.

The poster has been developed to further the impact of PRAESA’s 2014 Charter of Children’s Literacy Rights, which helps adults to put in place the conditions and resources children need to become fully literate.

– The poster is available in all 11 South African languages to ensure ease of access to the content, and to affirm the equal importance of all languages for literacy development, says Arabella Koopman, Nal’ibali Content Development Manager.

It´s available in the following languages:

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