Henry Ascher in documentary

Henry Ascher. Photo: Stefan Tell

Henry Ascher. Photo: Stefan Tell

Professor of paediatrics and jury member Henry Ascher is being portrayed in Bo Harringer’s new documentary Aven de döda har ett namn (“Even the dead has a name”), now featured at the Göteborg International Film Festival. The context is really a journey through time. Partly Henry’s political journey from the Vietnam War to his involvement in the Palestine-Israel conflict, but also a trip even further away in time about his parents and grandparents, his entire family on his father’s side who was murdered in Nazi concentration camps. Bo Harringer wants the film to be “an appeal to all people to learn from history and thus fight Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, all oppression of people of different religions. We must learn to say no, we cannot allow the Nazis to march unnoticed on our streets.” An extremely important and urgent issue, not the least today, on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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One Response to “Henry Ascher in documentary”

  1. carolebloch Says:

    This is such an important statement: in South Africa, now, we are grappling with really dangerous xenophobic incidents. This tendency is growing. Negative beliefs and stereotyped views spread like wildfire and I believe that it is urgent that we use the power of apt stories to help young people think through attitudes and actions and work out their values.

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