IBBY’s library in Gaza destroyed

IBBY, International Board on Books for Young people, published the following news on August 12th:

The IBBY library in Beit Hanoun was housed in the building of the al-Ataa Society. In April 2013 the IBBY President visited the centre in Beit Hanoun.  He went with the President of IBBY Palestine, the President of the IBBY Trust and the IBBY Executive Director.  The IBBY library was a place of peace.  The children could go to read, draw or just play.  This visit was so impressive in many ways, not least the dedication of the librarians and the families who participated and encouraged their young ones to go. The library was a bright, clean and welcoming Place.

Today the library and the neighbourhood is a pile of rubble. The children’s homes have either been totally destroyed or partially destroyed. All of them have been displaced with their families.

Link to IBBY’s web here.

Photo: IBBY

Photo: IBBY

Photo: IBBY

Photo: IBBY

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One Response to “IBBY’s library in Gaza destroyed”

  1. Jehan Says:

    Thanks for solidarity and spreading the news. See you soon in Mexico! Jehan Helou

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