Graphic design meet experimental music in Novela Grafica

SIMA is a project created by 2013 ALMA laureate Isol and her brother Zypce, who along with Nicolás Cecinini and Pablo  Chimenti  present a set of songs where poetic lyrics and simple melodies coexist with the experimentation of new sonorities and musical structures. The project is described like this:

Novela Gráfica is the successor  of SIMA (2008 ) , the group’s debut album. It will be jointly published by Noseso Records and Moebius as a book/object / cd in a limited edition that includes works by 11 international artists who illustrated comics as they where videos of  the 11 songs on the album. The edition features Laura Varsky graphic design and art cover and interiors work of Liliana Porter.

The album / graphic object will be manufactured at the end of July and will be exclusive presale on a platform Ideame , cheaper than it will have on live concerts and distribution points promo price.

The backers that accomplish the advance purchase will participate in a private event where they will receive their copy of Novela Grafica,  and according the combo that you pick to collaborate you  could get tickets with special locations for the official presentation of the album of August 14 th at  ND / Ateneo. In the foyer of this beautiful theater, originals and reproductions of cover art  will be exhibited , PLUS some of the authors and guest artists will participate in a illustration jam with live sonic improvisations by Sergio Merce, on his microtonal sax.

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