Events at House of Culture in Stockholm

Yesterday, the fourth day of the award week, Barbro Lindgren had two performances at Kulturhuset (House of Culture) in Stockholm. Photographer Stefan Tell followed her closely and took some brilliant images:

First, Barbro met five school classes (children aged 7 to 11) in Kulturhuset’s Studio.
The Lindgren brothers opened the meeting on stage, and the feeling was more like a rock concert rather than a lesson in literature.


Katti Hoflin, Head of Dunkers Kulturhus, lead the conversation with Barbro, who among other things gave the students a few inside tips if they were planning to become writers. Then the children had prepared questions for her, like Did you really know Astrid Lindgren? Why do you write about death so often? What´s your favorite color? Do you like yourself? How did you become so famous?

During the afternoon Barbro was a guest in the Swedish TV-show “Babel” along with Neil Gaiman (which will be broadcasted on Swedish National TV, SVT2 on Sunday 8:00 pm!).


And then followed a public conversation at Kulturhuset, where Barbro talked to author, librarian and ALMA jury member Mats Kempe. Georg and Sarah Riedel played Barbro Lindgren texts set to music by Georg.





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