Junibacken arranges Children’s Culture Festival in June

Photo: Junibacken

Photo: Junibacken

We asked Jenny Helldahl at the Junibacken Fairy Tale house to write something about this year’s Children’s Culture Festival, which takes place just after the award week:

The Junibacken Children´s Culture Festival takes place on the 7th and 8th of June this year! It is the second year this event is organized for the purpose of highlighting children´s culture and promoting children´s literature.

The festival is being held on the island of Djurgården, just outside the Junibacken building itself. It is a lovely green spot in the heart of Stockholm, ideal for music performances, theatre plays, illustration workshops and much more. Some of Sweden´s most appreciated children´s book authors and illustrators will be conducting educational, inspiring, and most of all, fun, workshops for children between the age of 0 to 10. Our great international star this year is Chris Haughton, the author of, among other works, A Bit Lost, who will visit us with a reading and picture-showing event on the Sunday. Just before Mr Haughtons workshop, Boulevardteatern will perform the play Mamma borta, the Swedish translation of A Bit Lost, on the main stage. Other authors and illustrators are Stina Wirsén, Martin Widmark, Sara Lundberg, Sarah Sheppard, Johan Egerkrans and Maria Nilsson Thore, to mention a few, and on stage we welcome you to see, and dance and sing along with, Bröderna Lindgren (coincidentally two of the members are sons of this year´s ALMA- laureate Barbro Lindgren!), Prinsessans rockband, Oscar Danielsson as well as Junibacken´s own ensemble.

We are delighted to have such a grand line-up for this year´s festival and hope to see you there! More information and details can be found here.

Jenny Helldahl

ps. Did you know that there´s a spot in the Junibacken exhibitions where the new laureate of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is presented? Do not miss during your visit!

Author and illustrator Lucy Cousins participated in last year's festival. Photo: Junibacken

Author and illustrator Lucy Cousins participated in last year’s festival. Photo: Junibacken


Photo: Junibacken

Photo: Junibacken

Photo: Junibacken

Photo: Junibacken

"The Lindgren Brothers", Barbro Lindgren's sons, actually entertained the audience at last year's festival! Photo: Junibacken

“The Lindgren Brothers”, Barbro Lindgren’s sons, actually entertained the audience at last year’s festival! Photo: Junibacken

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