Books on loneliness and alienation huge trend

The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books state in a press release today that the gap between the number of Swedish and translated books has increased significantly, according to statistics for published books for children and young adults in Sweden 2013.

The publication of books by Swedish authors increases noticeably at the expense of the translated books, 59% were Swedish originals and only 41 % were translations.
Furthermore, the most noticeable trend for books published in Sweden during 2013 is loneliness and alienation. Åsa Warnqvist, researcher at the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books:

Photo: SBI

Photo: SBI

– We were quite surprised when we noticed how many children and young people depicted as lonely and excluded. These are common themes, but in 2013 it seems to have exploded. It may have to do with the authors knowing what goes on in the public debates. Society is becoming more and more individualistic, whereas many reports are published about children who are doing poorly, social inequality and child poverty. (our transl.)

The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books is a public research library collecting and making literature for children and young people accessible. More about the institute here.



One Response to “Books on loneliness and alienation huge trend”

  1. Alina (literaryvittles) Says:

    Very interesting to hear that this is such an obvious trend in Swedish children’s literature. As a kid/young adult, I certainly turned to books in moments of loneliness!

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