At the Guadalajara Book Fair

MEXICO 2 006

When in Guadalajara Isol met with many literary friends, among them the poet Jorge Luján, also from Argentina but living in Mexico. Isol has illustrated several of his books, among them Numeralia.

Isol participated in several workshops for children at the fair and in the book shop Librería José Luis Martinez, where the children had had read Secreto de Familia in advance and then made drawings of invented strange family members.

An outdoor exhibition with Isol’s illustrations were inagurated before she left Guadalajara at Museo El Trompo Mágico, an interactive eventful place for play and knowledge. People waiting in the cars during traffic stockings can now see illustrations from Intercambio Cultural, Vida de Perros asnd La Bella Griselda. Finally Isol started drawing an illustration on the museum wall (with the help of her son Antón) and children from neighbourhood schools compleated the drawing.

MEXICO 2 034
MEXICO 2 080
MEXICO 2 023
MEXICO 2 030
MEXICO 2 068
MEXICO 2 042
MEXICO 2 071

All photos are taken by Helen Sigeland.

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