Success for Isol in Mexico City


Before going to the international book fair in Guadalajara, the award office and Isol spent two days in Mexico City to meet media and to lead workshops with children.

The first day consisted of interviews with newspapers and Tv channels in the morning at the book shop la libreria Rosario Castellanos, owned by Fundo de Cultura Economica. This was followed by a public program, which turned out to be a huge success.

Isol started out in the auditorium (attended by approx. 150 people) by reading some of her books and showing images from books like Cosas Que Pasan, Numeralia and Nocturne. This was followed by a workshop for children, with paper on the floor where the children were invited to draw their dreams (lots of adults participated as well). Then Isol signed books – for four hours! Guess if the queue was long…


The characters from Isol's Vida de Perros.

The characters from Isol’s Vida de Perros.


Children drawing their dreams.

Children drawing their dreams.




Look at the queue!

Look at the queue!


All photos are taken by Helen Sigeland.

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