Premiere for theatre play based on novel by Bojunga


A casa da madrinha (1978) by Brazilian author and 2004 ALMA laureate Lygia Bojunga had premiere as theatre play at Masthuggsteatern in Gothenburg the other week. Alexander och påfågeln (Alexander and the Peacock, our transl.) is a story with many parallels in Astrid Lindgren’s South Wind Meadow (Sunnanäng):

Vera, with a middle class backround, meets Alexander from the slum areas of Rio. They are united by a desire for something else, for a better life. That’s the start of a winding, exciting story. As in always in Lygia Bojunga’s textes, the child’s point of view is paramount, and fantasy often functions as a way of dealing with distressing personal experiences. Many colorful characters are part of the story: A peacock, teacher, samba singer Jocasta, Alexander’s brother Augusto, the cat with the coat. Everyone with the dream of a better life. And then there’s the fence there. The fence that no one has yet dared to cross to see what’s on the other side…

Alexander och påfågeln will be played for students from the ages of 7 up to 12 during the autumn.

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