Creative reading promotion activities for children by Tamer Institute

Photo: Tamer Institute

Photo: Tamer Institute

The Tamer Institute for Community Education received the ALMA in 2009 for their extraordinary reading promotion work under difficult circumstances. Situated in Ramallah, they work across the West Bank and Gaza Strip, primarily targeting children and young adults to encourage and deepen opportunities of learning among them.

This summer, several workshops for children were arranged. Program Coordinator Ruba Totha at the Tamer Institute:

The children’s library has received more than 60 children in a two months period to participate in a summer club ‘ Lets learn and Have Fun in Summer”. Three extended  workshop were organized:  Creative Writing, Animation of Children’s books, and Drawing were actively attended by the children whom have written about themselves as in the shoe of a turtle or a watermelon or a chair or even the wind. Others have animated their own bodies other their friends and prepared a drama sketch to bring their animations into life, while others have painted their own stories illustrations.

One of the children, a 9 years old Hannen wrote in her notebook (we translate): “When the man was travelling, he entered to the plane, scared. When the plane started swinging, he was very scared, but the plane from the inside was very comfortable and beautifully arranged. He enjoyed travelling and never told his friends how afraid he was’.

Link to Tamer Institute here.

Photo: Tamer Institute

Photo: Tamer Institute


Photo: Tamer Institute

Photo: Tamer Institute


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