Harsh music

Isol isn’t only known for her picturebooks, but also for her music. Those of you who have watched her speech from the award ceremony already know that she can sing, since Isol there performed Kurt Weill’s tango Youkali.

Isol sings baroque with her ensemble The Excuse, she used to be a member of the Argentinian electropop group Entre Ríos and has collaborated with the American indiepop group Alsace Lorraine on the exquisite album Dark One (2007).

Together with her brother Federico Zypce, Isol also forms the duo Isol/Zypce. If the albums Isol made with Entre Ríos and Alsace Lorraine can be called pretty straight-forward pop, Isol/Zypce is something else. Their 2008 album Sima begins with the sound of a lonely, old musical box. What then follows is an exciting collage of digital and analogue sounds. Strings, sampled bagpipes, hand drums and Isol’s smooth, sometimes wordless vocals meets drum machines, electronic beeps and crackling sounds. At one moment, Isol sings to the accompaniment of only strings and the sound of rain and thunder.

Isol herself has called Sima “harsh music”. That is half of the truth. It’s also enchanting sounds and the most beautiful melodies.

Also listen to:
Isol/Zypce – Romance Fatal
Entre Ríos – Atlas Horas
Alsace Lorraine – As We Fight

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