Emil turns 50 today!


“Do you know what Emil i Lönneberga did once?” Astrid suddenly asked that question of her three year-old grandson who was screaming his head off. Karl Johan stopped his racket. He was eager to know what Emil had done. Emil was born!

Today it´s 50 years since Astrid Lindgren wrote the first lines about the little rascal Emil in Lönneberga. This year, he´s celebrated big time. For example, outdoor museum Skansen in Stockholm is having a huge birthday party on Saturday, Astrid Lindgren’s Näs in Vimmerby (birthplace of Astrid Lindgren) will open an Emil exhibition on June 15, and amusement park Astrid Lindgren’s World opens a completely new Emil in Lönneberga area (their biggest investment ever). (On Christmas day a new animated film, Emil and Ida in Lönneberga, will be on the movie screens.

Emil is the character that Astrid felt the greatest affinity with, as Astrid Lindgren’s daughter puts it in an interview. The wellknown Emil figure is illustrated by Björn Berg (Bildmakarna Berg) The real model for Emil is in fact Björn’s four-year-old son, Torbjörn. The first book was published in 1963 by Rabén and Sjögren.

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