Isol in Sweden for LitteraLund

From Isol's workshop at LitteraLund today. Photo: LitteraLund

From Isol’s workshop at LitteraLund today. Photo: LitteraLund

She is here. In Sweden. But not to receive the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, but to participate in the Swedish literary festival LitteraLund, April 15-20. The first days of the festival, Isol leads a workshop for fourteen active Swedish illustrators and graphic designers together with Benjamin Chaud from France and Lilian Brøgger from Denmark. The project is a co-operation between LitteraLund and the Creative Plot in Lund, and the two day workshop will end with an exhibition of the student’s works.

– It feels amazing to have the privilege of having these talented illustrators gathered in one place to work together, says Debora Voges, director of the Creative Plot. It will be incredibly exciting to see the results!

During the following week, Isol will participate in three seminars on children’s and young adult literature: with Ulla Rhedin, researcher and member of the ALMA jury, with her international colleagues Benjamin Chaud (France) and Judith Drews (Germany) and with writer and jury member Mats Kempe and ward office director Helen Sigeland. On Friday, she will lead a workshop for eight-year-olds from the county of Lund.

Link to the entire program here.

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