Banco del Libro about Isol

The reading promoting organisation Banco del Libro from Venezuela  nominated this year’s recipient Isol. We asked the managing director Maria Beatriz Medina for a short comment to our blog readers:

All of us at the Banco del Libro, received with enthusiasm the news that our endearing Isol were given this year’s Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. We have nominated her for several years now. Her works are an exceptional contribution to children’s literature all over the world, which with the graphical and textual content without doubt stimulates children’s imagination and encourages reflection. Her works always have a particularly critical and sarcastic view of the world around her. Undoubtedly, Isol’s way of creating irreverence aligns with the underlying character of Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking which opens floodgates of multiple readings from the child’s perspective.

For Isol the illustration is her instrument of creation. In the illustration, she says, the line becomes the voice, without neglecting the text that always strengthens the narrative. There are many ways to get to know Isol’s artistic works. For example, in the book Vida de perros the relationship of the child and the pet arises, and in Secreto de familia, acceptance of difference in a simple way is claimed, or in the disrespectful  El Globo where a stiff mother is turned into a balloon. Other works like Tener un patito es útil  invites new readers to get into a game of provocative and playful perspectives. In the book Nocturno, her latest creation, a poem that invokes sleep on every page is presented, which constitute a work of art on dreams for of all ages.

Maria Beatriz Medina

Banco del Libro received the ALMA in 2007, more about their work here.

Maria Beatriz Medina at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2012. Photo: Stefan Tell.

Maria Beatriz Medina (right) at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2012. Photo: Stefan Tell.

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