Banco del Libro in El Espectador

Reading promoting organisation Banco del Libro (2007 ALMA recipient) is one of the participants at the ongoing Congress for Children’s Literature (CILELIJ) in Bogotá, Colombia. Maité Dautant from Banco del Libro is one of the speakers. Colombian newspaper El Espectador published a really interesting interview with her on March 4 (our translation):

It seems that more and more children’s books are written. What have been the most significant changes in the sector in recent years?

One of the most interesting movements is the increasing production of books that address issues related to emotionality, which appeal directly to the readers inner world, and that put forward questions about the transcendent but also on the different possibilities of perception of reality and on the diverse and complex issues on the human relationships.

What are the biggest challenges that marketing of reading promotion face in Latin America?

Among these we can mention an effective distribution of books, training of translators, publishing houses taking responsible, more focus on quality rather than on sales figures, the actual consolidation of networks to promote national and regional reading, and parents and society as active parts in the process of activate readers. If reading has no room within the immediate context of children and young adults, they will hardly find a reason to read by themselves.

Full article here (in Spanish).

The Congress for Children’s literature is arranged by Biblioteca Luis Arango and continues until Saturday March 9.

Banco del Libro is a on-profit institution headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela.

Banco del Libro is a non-profit institution headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela.

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