Get under the surface of the recipients’ works


Today, we launch reading guides for twelve works by ten previous recipients. The reading guides contain an introduction of the author, description of the contents, a suggested interpretation and topics for discussions. They can be a really good way to get under the surface of our recipient’s books. Many thought-provoking questions are put forward, such as Does the reader feel sympathy with the man in the story, and if so why? (The arrival) Why is it so important for Gilly to do well at school and come top in all the tests? (The Great Gilly Hopkins) There are different kinds of friendship – one is the kind between an adult/old person and a child/young person. How does such a friendship differ from one between people of the same age? (My Friend the Painter).

Award director Helen Sigeland comments the launch in this morning’s press release:

– The Astrid Lindgren Memorial is not just an award focusing on a specific writer, illustrator or organisation when the award is presented, it is an ongoing reading promotion project. We are promoting the best books in the world for young people in as many ways as possible. Hopefully these reading guides will inspire teachers and librarians to include these books in curriculums, reading clubs and workshops. And maybe they can give publishing houses ideas for translations!

The guides are based on the following books: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, Maikäfer, flieg! (Fly Away Home) by Christine Nöstlinger, O Meu Amigo Pintor (My Friend the Painter) by Lygia Bojunga, Northen Lights by Philip Pullman, Basu ni Notte by Ryôji Arai, The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson, The Ghost’s Child by Sonya Hartnett, The Devil Latch by Sonya Hartnett, Alors? by Kitty Crowther, Lénfant Racine by Kitty Crowther, The Arrival by Shaun Tan and Het Boek Van Alle Dingen(The Book of Everything) by Guus Kuijer.

The reading guides are written by members of the jury who are experts in children’s and young adult literature.

Link to Reading Guides here.

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One Response to “Get under the surface of the recipients’ works”

  1. woonaccessoires Says:

    These reading guides offer alot thought provoking questions.

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