A pyramid of books!

It´s been called “an old archetype for a new era”, “pyramid of paper” but foremost “Book Mountain” by its architects MVRDV, this new public library in the Dutch city Spijkenisse, which opened in October.

Shaped like a pyramid, with 100 000 square meters of library and 50,000 books covered by a glass shell, it´s designed to be a beacon for accessibility of literature and information. Last week Book Mountain won Bronze at National Dutch Wood Award.

Columnist Blaine Brownell in the American digital magazine Architect:
“In the wake of a flood of digital media, Book Mountain argues for the reassuring physical presence of both book and building. Ironically, the archetype has now shifted: it is now the electronic information stream that exhibits Babel-like qualities, with its “confusion of languages, untiring labor, incessant activity, [and] a furious competition of all humanity.” By contrast, the physical library now represents a quiet retreat from this storm. It calmly emanates a sheltering aura: an artificially complete microcosm within a world that is forever incomplete.”

Don´t miss this short documentary by BBC News.


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