Banco del Libro in Guadalajara

Maria Beatriz Medina from Banco del Libro in Venezuela gave a speech on Tuesday on the challenge of reading promotion in areas where libraries are non-existent. Banco del Libro received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2007 and is working hard with neglected children.

Mats Berggren participated Tuesday evening in a panel discussion on Hope together with Xavier Ayen, Isaac Rosa, Spain and Anja Snellman, Finland. Mats Berggren gave an example of hope for the future by telling how children in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm, every year study the works of the Nobel laureate in literature and present the result when the laureate comes to visit. When Mario Vargas Llosa received the Nobel prize in 2010 he wrote about his own visit to Rinkeby in the papers and stated that children who learn to cooperate stand a bigger chance to accept cultural differences later in life.


Maria Beatriz Medina, Mats Berggren, Sergio Peňa and Philip Linghammar from the Embassy of Sweden in Mexico City.

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