“A book of international fame” begins

The competition “A book of international fame” has begun. It’s part of the project Children and Books, aiming to stimulate reading and language development amongst children. The targent group is pupils from the Stockholm schools from preschool to sixth grade. Lena Fontin is co-ordinator at the Education Department at Stockholm City.

Lena Fontin

Why do you participate in the project Children and books?

Children and Books began as a three-year project within the Stockholm language venture during 2008. The project is completed but Children and Books has continued as a part of the Education Departement’s language venture for the compulsory schools in Stockholm since 2011. Children and Books is an annual activity that aims to stimulate children’s love of reading and language development.

It consists of three parts happening during the school year; the competition “A book of international fame” (where all contributions are exhibited at district libraries in Stockholm), several book after-works aiming to inspire pedagogues in Stockholm, and finally a three day extensive program at outdoor museum Skansen, with an exhibition of the winning works and where pupils and teachers can listen to stories, participate in exciting walks, create stories, swap books and much more.

What about “A book of international fame” and the theme for 2013?

This competition aims to attract reading of literature from different parts of the world. We present a new theme every year, and next year’s theme is Boundless friendship.

The theme was a suggestion from one of my clever colleagues, who participated in the jury for “A book of international fame” last year. We all considered it an excellent suggestion as there´s much literature available and it´s possible to work with the theme in many different ways. That is very important as there´s so many various situations in the schools.

It´s the pedagogue or teacher who adapt the theme into their goals and prerequisites. When the pedagogue report the class, they get a book and this year it´s ”Att undervisa i läsförståelse- lässtrategier och studieteknik”  (“To teach reading comprehension – reading strategies and study skills”, our translation) by Barbro Westlund. This book is meant to serve as inspiration and guidance for the pedagogues, and presents a number of different models and concrete exercises for active reading instruction.

Children & Books is a collaboration between the Education Department of Stockholm, Stockholm Public Library, Skansen and Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

The award ceremony at Skansen in 2011 was quite rainy, but it was nevertheless followed by
a huge audience of children from the Stockholm schools. Photo: Stefan Tell.
2011 ALMA recipient Shaun Tan (right) from Australia presented prizes to all recipients of A book of international fame 2011, on the Skansen stage. Photo: Stefan Tell.

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