Katarina Kieri recieves Rabén&Sjögren’s Astrid Lindgren prize

Today, on Astrid Lindgren’s birthday, author Katarina Kieri was announced as the recipient of this year’s Astrid Lindgren prize.

Katarina Kierni, born 1965, made her literary debut in 1993 with the poetry collection Slutet sällskap. She is a full time author since the early 2000s, and writes for adults, youths and children.

Receiving the award, Katarina Kieri talked about what Astrid Lindgren’s books have meant to her. Among other things, she mentioned her observation that children and adults in Astrid Lindgren’s books often live cut off from each other, but, however, it’s the adults rather than the children who seem to suffer from this.

2010 ALMA recipient Kitty Crowther attended the award ceremony, giving a presentation of her latest book Tomten är vaken (interview with Kitty in our blog post on October 22) and the work process behind. She also talked to journalist Yukiko Duke about her relation to Astrid Lindgren and her books.

The Astrid Lindgren prize (not to be mixed up with the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award) was instituted by publishing house Rabén & Sjogren on November 14 1967, on Astrid Lindgren’s 60th birthday. The award amounts to 50 000 SEK (approx. 6 000 EUR) and is given annually to reward commendable authorship within children’s and young adult literature.

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