Astrid Lindgren correspondence in new book

Next week, publishing house Salikon releases a unique book, Dina brev lägger jag under madrassen (approx. I´ll put your letters under my mattress, our transl.). The book consists of the correspondence between Astrid Lindgren and a young girl, Sara, which took place from 1971 until Astrid Lindgren’s death in 2002.

12-year-old Sara wrote a letter to Astrid Lindgren telling her about difficulties in life and everyday problems in growing up. Her letters captured Astrid Lindgren, and this was the beginning of 30 years of correspondence. All letters ended up in Astrid Lindgren’s private archives with the promise that she would never show or publish them because they were so private in nature. However, the letters were discovered by librarian Marit Törnqvist, who was in charge of the Astrid Lindgren collections at the National Library of Sweden. A few years ago, Sara was asked about the issue of publish the letter collection, and she consulted her family who said yes. Which was a brave decision according to Nils Nyman, managing director of Saltkråkan.

–Yes, we became close friends, though we never actually met, Sara Schwardt (today a free lance journalist) stated in Swedish National Newspaper Dagens Nyheter last week.

Howcome you sent a letter to Astrid Lindgren in the first place?
– That´s a secret. Perhaps I´ll reveal the reason sometime in the future.

Sara Schwardt. Photo: Martin Savara

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