A chat with Luciënne van der Leije at Querido

Luciënne van der Leije

We were curious about what´s been going on at Guus Kuijer’s publishing house Querido since spring/summer, so, we contacted foreign rights manager Luciënne van der Leije to find out more…

Hi Luciënne, could you tell us what the reactions were after the announcement of Guus Kuijer as the 2012 ALMA recipient?
We received congretulations from our foreign friends and also met new people who contacted us about Guus Kuijers books.

What’s been going on since then? Can you describe the international interest in Guus Kuijer’s works?
I have received e-mails and other interest from all over the world. So far Hungarian, Polish and Russian rights have been sold of several titles. The Swedish publisher of Guus Kuijer decided also to publish Florian Knol. The Italian publisher of the first Polly-book also bought the rights of the other four Polly-titles. Guus Kuijers French and Danish publishers will re-pubish the Polly-series. There is a lot of interest from more countries, among them China, Brasil, Greece and Spain.

Can you see any other effects besides a strictly commercial point of view?
Receiving so many warm reactions gave me a real buzz. I have always thought that especially The Book of Everything should be read by everybody around the world, and now many more people will read it. Wonderful!

What are your expectations for the book market for this fall? Can you see any trends?
There is more and more attention for apps, and I am very curious to see where this is going.

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