Corda Bamba on screen

Today is the opening premere for 2004 ALMA recipient Lygia Bojunga’s Corda Bamba (something like Story of a girl on a thightrope, our transl.) at the cinemas. The story is adapted for screen by Eduardo Goldenstein. In Corda Bamba (1979), 10 year old Maria uses her rope to walk into an extraordinary house with a number of closed doors on the other side of the street, what is really taking place is a coming-to-terms with grief after the sudden death of her parents.

Bojunga received the Astrid Lindgren Lindgren Memorial Award in 2004, with the following citation from the jury:

Lygia Bojunga dissolves the boundaries between fantasy and reality with all the exhilarating ease of a child at play. In her dramatic and word of mouth-style narratives the reader is always enabled to enter directly into the dreams and fantasies that her principal characters draw on for survival. In a deeply original way she fuses playfulness, poetic beauty and absurd humour with social critique, a love of freedom and a strong empathy with the vulnerable child.

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