World premiere for Surrender soon

Photo: Riksteatern

On October 3rd its premiere for 2008 ALMA recipient Sonya Hartnett’s Surrender (2005) at Riksteatern. The book has never been adapted for stage earlier. The dramaturgist Ninna Tersman discovered Hartnett’s works while working in New Zealand, reading lots of Australian youth literature. It was the strong psychological descriptions in Surrender that made her want to adapt the book for stage: I like that the story opens up in several levels, there’s a magic dimension while it is a horror story and a thriller at the same time, Tersman says in an interview for news agency TT Spektra.

The award winning Surrender tells the story of young Gabriel:
As life slips away, Gabriel looks back over his brief twenty years that have been clouded by frustration and humiliation. A small town and distant parents ensure that he is never allowed to forget the horrific mistake he made as a child. He has only two friends – his dog Surrender, and the unruly wild boy Finnigan, with whom he made a boyhood pact. When a series of arson attacks grips the town, Gabriel realises how unpredictable and dangerous Finnigan is. Events begin to spiral out of control, and it becomes clear that only the most extreme of measures will rid Gabriel of Finnigan for good.

In the same article, Ninna Tersman emphazises Hartnett’s ability to write about difficult subjects for young people:
In this age you go through so much. It´s so hard to go to high school, I think everyone can remember that, the emotions are so strong. She portrays the lives of young people nuanced, without feeling corrected.

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