Bologna 2012: Trends of the Show

Diane Roback and John A. Sellers´ retrospective on the Bologna Childrens Book Fair:

By most accounts, this year’s Bologna Book Fair was a vibrant one, with packed schedules and continued excitement for fiction. Unlike two years ago, when Hervé Tullet’s picture book Press Here was the title everyone was talking about, attendees didn’t crown a book of the fair, and were by and large pleased about that. As Wernick & Pratt agent Marcia Wernick put it, “There was no buzz book this year, and it’s been really nice. Everyone can focus on getting stuff done.”

Full article in Publishers Weekly here.

Our fabulous photographer Stefan Tell attended the Bologna Fair, and here´s a few good shoots: 

The annoucement of the 2012 ALMA recipient in Illustrators Café.

The happy publisher directly after the annoucement; Bärbel Dorweiler from Querido.

Maria Beatrice Medina, Banco del Libro, the 2007 ALMA recipient, visits the exhibition.

Illustrator Ryôji Arai from Japan, one of the 2005 ALMA recipients, is beeing interviewed.

Judith Drews from Illustratoren Organisation (Germany), one of the nominating bodies, visits the ALMA exhibition.

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