Meet the previous recipients in Bologna

On March 19, the world’s largest children’s book fair opens in Bologna. Due to the celebration of ALMA’s tenth anniversary, the previous award recipients have been invited to the fair. So, for all visitors of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair – don´t miss the opportunity to meet Lygia Bojunga, Ryôji Arai, Katherine Paterson, Banco del Libro, Sonya Hartnett, the Tamer Institute and Kitty Crowther.

The program includes Italian author Andrea Valente who talks to Sonya Hartnett and Katherine Paterson about writing for children, Eros Miari, children’s literature critic, interviews Lygia Bojunga. Giovanna Malgaroli, Nati per Leggere (Italy) and Deborah Soria, Libreria Ottimomassimo (Italy) talks to Maria Beatriz Media, Banco del Libro (Venezuela) and Renad Qubbaj, Tamer Institute (Palestine) about reading promotion experiences and practices. And of course, illustrators Ryôji Arai and Kitty Crowther talk about narrating with pictures.

For full program, have a look at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair’s web, here.

All previous recipients are presented in the ALMA jubilee exhibition, opening on the first day at the Fair.


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