A chat with Banco del Libro

On the last day of the Guadalajara Book Fair, we met María Beatriz Medina from Banco del Libro. As you might know Banco del Libero are working with reading promoting among children in Venezuela, and they received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2007 for their excellent way of working with these questions.

Their exhibiting stand had a huge image made by Shaun Tan, and we found out that he was asked to make the front cover of Banco del Libero’s annual calendar.

– It was a coincidence, we asked Shaun Tan to make an illustration for us before he got the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, we always choose the best illustrator for the year, says María Beatriz Medina from Banco del Libro.

So, what´s the latest from Banco del Libro? According to María Beatriz Medina, Banco del Libero are continuing their work, but it’s more difficult now due to the economic crises in Venezuela, and it is harder for them to get founding. They run many projects such as publishing a guide to children’s literature, arranging meetings with promoters of reading and are involved in a Master program in children’s literature at the university in Barcelona.

– But the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award have been of crucial importance for us, it has made us known and given us recognition on an international level, says María Beatriz Medina.

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