“184 candidates or not, it feels very good to be nominated”

The words are coming from Michael Rosen, one of the 2012 nominees for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, in an article published in the Guardian on October 18th.

“There aren’t many awards where I’d be excited about being on a 184-member longlist”, says nominee Meg Rosoff in the same article, “but the Astrid Lindgren prize is more like being invited to join an exclusive worldwide club. Some of the people I most admire in the world are on the list – Wolf Ehrlbruch, Jutta Bauer, Maira Kalman, Peter Sís, Ulf Stark, Morris Gleitzman, not to mention David Almond and Michael Rosen from the UK. And of course Shaun Tan holds the current title – a thrilling and brilliant choice.”

The announcement of the 2012 nominees has had a media impact all over the world. “It’s a huge sense of honour, I’m thrilled,” Australian author Jackie French tells Australian Associated Press. News agency ANP writes about the Dutch candidates. Czech webpage for books and reading, Citarny, promote illustrator Renata Fucikova, and Portuguese news channels writes about organisation Planeta Tangerina. Among many other news pages…

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