5000 square meters of children’s culture


Tomorrow Palatset, a national arena for children’s culture, opens in Stockholm. Palatset will offer children and adults alike unforgettable world-class experiences in film, music and the performing arts as well as world-class opportunities for developing their own creative skills in the magical old National Archives building at Riddarholmen in Stockholm.

Children and parents, teenagers and schools will have the possibility to creative and artistic experiences such as Cinema, Theatre, Concerts, TV and Radio Studios, Poetry, Literature, Comic Strips, Acting, Special Effects, Storytelling and many, many, many other activities.


Palatset hope to serve as an inspiration for similar projects outside the Swedish borders, with ambition to foster cooperation and to build networks with cultural workers internationally.


So, if you´re 6-18 years and in Stockholm this weekend, why not try to produce your own music, talk about books in the Red Room, write your own story with the help of writer Malin Isaksson or enter the ABBA singalong! These are only a few of all exciting activities to experience.

Foto: Johanna Wulff


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